Are you a Founder with no Tech co-founder but have a great start-up idea?


Being a founder is always a bumpy ride having to wear different caps and be in the shoes of many.

Considering that the features of your initial service or product can vary a lot depending on what you want to test and your skills, this tool-stack for a founder will also show great changes.


Free and easy-to-use available tools with which you can build and test you MVP

#Google Suite

Google Suite is all one powerful platform allowing you to create, collaborate, communicate and engage with your target segments and early adopters.

#Landing pages and website builder

This is important right! conveying the right message with keywords can be a game-changer for your company attracting visitors from around the globe.

Wix, Lead PagesUnbounceWedflow to name a few. They provide an exceptional interface and are completely no-code simply dragging and dropping elements and vectors to beautify your pages.

These definitely assist you / your business to engage with your potential customers and keep the conversations going.

#Customer feedback survey

Google FormsType FormSurvey Monkey are go-to tools to create and share customer questionnaire and receive feedback.

Understanding the problem you are solving gives you a great competitive advantage in the current market and achieve the best product-market fit.

These tools provide templates, support integrations with off-the-shelf applications and you can also analyse the data and publish them with your respondents.


Slack is great for communication among your team (if any). Founders can create public channels to engage with your regularly posting content, running polls, feature update and develop community engagement from initial days.

#Project Management

Trello is a free Project Management software to organise, manage and prioritise your tasks.

Sitting in the chair of Founder/CEO gives you a privilege but also comes with huge responsibilities and million to-do lists. Trello gives you the power to get on top of things.

Trello’s Butler provides a great advantage by providing automation and supporting integrations with other third-party apps.

Asana is a great project management and road-mapping tool. You can also assign tasks and view progress.

There are also many other tools available for project and product management. But, Trello and Asana are simple to set up and use eliminating any learning curve.

#Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Email-Marketing

Hubspot and Active Campaign are great CRM tools with live chat, form integration, Bot support, inbound marketing and customer support.

Learn more about Hubspot for startups at

New to Hubspot? they offer free training and certification at Hubspot Academy.

Mailchimp is an all-in-one integrated platform to visually create beautiful emails from their existing huge template base and reach out to your potential customers.

#Customer Messaging Platforms

Intercom and Twilio are amazing customer messaging platform that integrates well with your other productivity apps.

Both Twilio and Intercom provides API to integrate with your current website or platform to put your customers first.

#Visual Databases

Airtable gives you the power of a spreadsheet to organise anything and can also publish them on your website and blogs to visually display content.

Airtable can store information in a spreadsheet that’s visually appealing and easy-to-use, but it’s also powerful enough to act as a database that businesses can use for customer-relationship management (CRM), task management, project planning, and tracking inventory.

Alternative: Notion

#Mobile Apps

You need not code to launch your mobile apps. Yes, you heard me right.

There are tools available to help founders like you put your ideas into practice and develop amazing publishable apps.

ThunkableAppsheet and are the Best.

#E-Commerce platforms

Shopify does it all for you. It's simple and easy to set up and you can start shipping your items in days and get paid.

# Accounting and Payments

Your go-to options should be Xero for accounting and Stripe for payments.

Stripe also provides free resources to start-ups. See Atlas.

yay! your business is almost ready to get up and running?

But, worrying about the manual administration and manage all the moving parts and data between your apps and platforms?

We have Zapier :)

Zapier provides seamless no-code integrations between applications automating your workflows, saving time and costs and you can make more sales!

All the apps and platforms mentioned above requires NO CODING EXPERIENCE. How amazing is that?

Unleash your power and start building the next unicorn🦄

Get your no-code stack by selecting the features you wanted to build;