//50+ resources to deep dive and learn more about starting up and learn more about the concepts around business, products and processes.

10 stages of Business Lifecycle

Software Development Cost Estimate

Product Development Roadmap

Human-Centred Design

Customer Interview Script Generator

How to conduct a User Interview

User interview example questions

DE Toolbox:

Stanford Design School

PASTEL Analysis

Cognitive Bias Codex

Product Development Cycle:

Prototyping and User Testing

Lean Product Management Stack

Business Modelling

Social Media Marketing

Accounting for startups

Building the MVP

Controlling MVP Scope

Innovation Marketing Simulation: Crossing the Chasm

Customer Focused Sales:

The Beginner's Guide to AARRR Framework:

Lean Product Management

Pitching and Storytelling

Digital Marketing and Growth - Tools

Partnerships 101: How to Launch a Tech Partnership Program

Tools for Unmoderated Usability Testing

Leveraging Task Views in Project Management Software โ€” Practical Guide